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What medieval life can teach about debt-free living

A think-tank in Britain has shed some interesting light on medieval debt-free living, putting today's working lives into harsh perspective. Asked what the 12th century lifestyle could teach modern Britain, he said: "Debt-free living; a lot of holidays and parties and a lack of work ethic; the idea of a

8 strange jobs from throughout history

Weirdworm has compiled a list of 8 strange jobs from throughout history. 1. Whipping Boys During the 1600’s in England, educating the future king created an interesting problem. Since the monarch’s blood line was considered divine, teachers and caretakers couldn’t punish the young prince even if he acted like a

Profile: Contract Archaeologists

The Telegraph has a profile on contract archaeologists, who are called in when construction crews stumble across artifacts. Just ask archaeologist Tim Holden and his colleagues who have excavated some rare treasures lying under new developments around the UK and Ireland. One of the most signi?cant was the grave of an