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Wreckage of WWI-era warship found

The sunken wreckage of the HMS Pheasant has been found off the coast of Orkney's Old Man of Hoy. The destroyer sank on 1 March 1917 after hitting a mine believed to have been laid by a German U-boat. All 89 crew on board were lost. The first view of the wreck

WWI-era German submarine found in North Sea

The wreckage of a WWI-era German Submarine has been found in the North Sea. The type UB-II submarine is said to be in good condition, lying at a depth of 30m (100ft) off the Belgian coast. "The submarine is in such good condition that we reckon all the bodies are still on

WWI training tunnels found in England

Trenches used to train troops for WWI have been found at Larkhill, a military base near Stonehenge. “This is the first time anywhere in the world that archaeologists have had the chance to examine, excavate and record such an enormous expanse of first world war training ground,” said Si Cleggett, of

WWI-era bottles uncovered in Israel

Hundreds of bottles of WWI-era booze left behind by British troops have been uncovered in Israel. Israeli archaeologists digging near the city of Ramla are used to uncovering flint tools and Palaeolithic remains. But when they began excavating land that is about to be used for a new motorway they made a

WWI-era training trenches found in Ireland

Archaeologists working in Ireland have uncovered WWI training trenches near the Ballykinler army base. Near the firing ranges of Ballykinler army camp in County Down, archaeologists have been excavating trenches used for training during World War One. The trenches were found in an overgrown area of gorse near the camp The hope is

WWI-era German submarine found off English coast

The remains of a WW1-era German sub, as well as more than 60 other shipwrecks, have been found in the North Sea. he wreck discovered within the East Anglia Zone is 57.6 metres in length, 4.1 metres in width and 4.6 metres in height and the bow appears to be facing

WWI-era trenches found outside of Canberra

WWI-era training trenches have been discovered outside the Australian capital, Canberra. In 1916, the military college at Duntroon was home to the school of trench warfare. The field where the trenches were dug was close by and allowed several hectares for the military to trial various types of trenches. The trenches were modelled

Remains of WWI soldier unearthed in France

The remains of a young German soldier has been found in northeastern France. Equipment buried with the soldier, who died nearly 100 years ago and is believed to have been aged between 20 and 25, made it possible to identify him as a member of the German forces. The remains were discovered