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X-rays used to reveal hidden texts in Egyptian coffins

New imaging techniques are being used to find and read hidden text written in coffins made for middle-class Egyptians. It’s a space-age solution to an ancient problem. For more than a century, archaeologists have dismantled mummy coffins, also known as cartonnage, in a hunt for literary treasure. In ancient Egypt, undertakers

Army enlisted to help x-ray sword

Archaeologists have turned to the army for help in x-raying an Anglo-Saxon sword that is too large for their usual machines. “The x-ray images confirmed several things that we suspected about the sword, and revealed some interesting features. “The sword was made by a process called pattern welding, where several bands of

2,500-year-old battle wound X-rayed

A musculoskeletal and body imaging radiologist has X-rayed a 2,500-year-old arrow-pierced arm bone that belonged to a Greek soldier. There was a barbed component to the arrowhead that could not be seen with the naked eye. The full extent of the remaining arrowhead could now be seen and was seated superficially

X-ray technology used to examine Roman coins

Archaeologists are employing the use of x-ray technology to examine hordes of gold coins without having to clean them. The centre's equipment can scan inside objects -- rotating 360 degrees whilst taking thousands of 2D images, which are then used to build detailed 3D images. In the case of the coins,

New X-ray analysis technique developed

If you are an x-ray technician you may think you know all about new x-ray analysis techniques, but you may still be surprised with what these archaeologists have come up with. X-ray sources known as synchrotons are being used by archaeologists to determine exactly what atoms makes up an artifact. It has

19th century X-ray machine compared with modern version

This is pretty cool: an X-ray machine from 1896 has been dusted off and tested to compare its results with modern technology. The team accordingly found that using a modern detector, a radiation dose 10 times higher was required from the antiquated system when compared to a modern one. Using a photographic

X-rays reveal diet of ammonites

X-ray images taken of fossilized baculites are providing insight into how they lived. With no direct counterpart today, it has been difficult to nail down the ammonites' true place in the ancient food chain. But the analysis by Kruta and her colleagues indicates their ammonites would have dined on small organisms floating

X-Rays reveal secrets of Mayan dyes

An x-ray study of Mayan pigments has helped scientists create a dye that will last for a millennia. "This pigment has been stable for centuries in the hostile conditions of the jungle," said Eric Dooryhee at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.Y. "We're trying to mimic it to