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Gold Rush-era shipwreck found in Yukon

The wreck of the A.J. Goddard, which sank in 1901, has been found in a lake in the Yukon Territory, Canada. Like an early 20th-century snapshot, "everything is just like it was when it went down in that late October storm in 1901," said project leader John Pollack, a nautical

Gold rush-era ghost ship found in the Yukon

A gold-rush era ship which sank in a storm 1901 has been found, remarkably intact, at the bottom of a lake in the Yukon Territory. Archaeologists in Canadas Yukon have found whats believed to be the only untouched shipwreck from the Klondike Gold Rush, made famous by writers Jack London and

Brothers charged with excavating American WWII bomber without permit

A pair of brothers from Alberta, Canada, have been charged with excavating the remains of a B-26 Marauder, at the bottom of a lake in the Yukon Territory, without a permit. Now, the warbird's fate is up in the air, again, caught in a power struggle between the brothers who say