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Scientists recover DNA from 700,000-year-old horse

A group of researchers have successfully sequenced the genome of a 700,000-year-old horse whose foot was found buried in the permafrost in the Yukon. Comparing that sequence to the genomes of a 43,000-year-old horse, a donkey, five modern domestic horses and a modern Przewalski’s horse (a type of wild horse native

340-year-old Chinese coin found in Canada

A Chinese coin which dates back 340 years has been found in the Yukon. The coin is etched with traditional Chinese characters indicating it was minted during the Qing Dynasty reign of Emperor Kangxi, who ruled China from 1662 to 1722. But other information stamped on the money piece - which

Remains of Gold Rush-era executed convicts reburied

The remains of four people executed for murder during the Klondike Gold Rush over a century ago were reburied on the weekend. The remains were discovered during excavation work last November at a new waste water treatment plant in Dawson City. Two sets of remains have since been identified as Dawson and

Gold Rush-era bodies of hanged convicts found

Four Gold Rush-era bodies belonging to hanged convicts have been found by construction workers building a new sewage treatment plant in the Yukon. All four bodies uncovered to date have been in coffins, although remains of the fourth coffin were not found until Tuesday. "We are certain that these are