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1,200-year-old Zapotec tomb found in Mecixo

A 1,200-year-old Zapotec tomb has been found at the site of Atzompa in Oaxaca.   The discovery in the southern state of Oaxaca was made during work to preserve the remains of what the experts believe was a home inhabited between A.D. 750-900, the National Institute of Anthropology and History, or INAH,

Zapotec burial complex found in Mexico

The 1,200-year-old tomb of a high-ranking Zapotec individual has been found in Oaxaca, Mexico. Archaeologists managed to get into the third pre-Columbian burial chamber, which contained human remains that are likely those of a male, INAH archaeology coordinator Nelly Robles Garcia said. The remains will be analyzed to determine the age, nutrition

1,300-year-old Zapotec kiln found in Mexico

A kiln which was used by the Zapotec 1,300 years ago has been found in the Atzompa Archaeology Site in Oaxaca, Mexico. “Preliminarily, it was assumed that it might date from the first occupation years of the site, between 650 and 900 of the Common Era, more than 1,300 years ago,

Zapotec’s human thighbone sceptres

A new excavation of a Zapotec tomb is revealing that the practice of wielding ancestral thighbones as a sceptres may not have been limited to the ruling class. The burial excavated by Feinman at Mitla was extremely well-preserved, and had never been disturbed — except, that is, by someone who broke

Zapotec men brandished human femurs

Ancestral thighbones may have been carried around as status symbols by Zapotec men. "The thought was that the femurs are those of the ancestors of the rulers, serving like staffs of office or symbols of legitimacy," explained archaeologist Gary Feinman of the Field Museum in Chicago. Now grave excavations have confirmed the