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Thracian temple found in Bulgaria

A Thracian temple and a sanctuary dedicated to Zeus and Hera has been found in central Bulgaria. The earliest use of the site is estimated to date from the early Iron Age, about the eighth to sixth centuries BCE. The sanctuary of Zeus and Hera is believed to have been destroyed in

Cache of Roman statues unearthed near Rome

A cache of Roman statues, depicting members of the troubled Severan dynasty have been found just outside of Rome. "We first saw a white nape, belonging to a Roman matron. Then, the head of a child emerged, then another male head and one more,” archaeologist Magda Fossati of Rome’s archaeological superintendency

Zeus’ Altar of Ashes

Excavations at the Sanctuary of Zeus on top of Mount Lyakion in Greece have revealed the first documented mountaintop shrine from the ancient Greek world. Ritual ceremonies were conducted in a part of the open-air sanctuary called the ash altar of Zeus. It now consists of a mound of ash, stone