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17th-century shipwreck found in Stockholm

A 17th-century shipwrecks has been found in Stockhom, Sweden and may be a flagship built in 1615 for King Gustav II.

“We were really surprised, because we have some old maps that show some wrecks from the early 1800s, and it seems like the older wrecks don’t show up on the map. There were no indications of this wreck on the maps,” he said, adding the remains uncovered include a section of the ship two metres up from the keel and parts of the transom.

“It was really well preserved. It is only to the first deck level, but you can still see the cut marks from the axes on the timber, for example. It’s been really nice to excavate the parts.”

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Story: Emma Löfgren, The Local | Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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