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18th century privy discovered under parking lot

Pottery, china, bottles and bones have been found in a privy, dating back to 1760, which was found under the site of a future parking lot in Annapolis, Maryland.

The artifacts were found buried in a long-abandoned privy behind the house at 26 West St. The construction crew alerted city officials as soon as the brick outline of the privy became visible Wednesday.

Thomas W. Bodor – a consulting archaeologist retained by the Historic Preservation Commission to oversee such discoveries at construction sites – said yesterday that the privy appears to have been dug around the same time the house was built, about 1760. It is next to another abandoned privy, that was dug about 1860.

“We can tell the people who lived here had a nice collection of pottery off of which they were eating,” Bodor said of the earlier privy site.

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