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Remains found of suspected Trojan war-era couple

Archaeologists in the ancient city of Troy have found the remains of a man and woman who are believed to have died in 1,200 B.C. If the dating is correct, this places them at the time of the legendary war chronicled by Homer.

The discovery could add to evidence that Troy’s lower area was bigger in the late Bronze Age than previously thought, changing scholars’ perceptions about the city of the “Iliad.”

“If the remains are confirmed to be from 1,200 B.C. it would coincide with the Trojan war period. These people were buried near a mote. We are conducting radiocarbon testing, but the finding is electrifying,” Pernicka told Reuters in a telephone interview.

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  1. Too many people view the history of mankind from an evolutionary point of view, considering peoples of the past to be less intelligent than people today, and to pretty much have stayed in one particular area for generations. The problem with this idea is that a great, great deal of highly interesting and intriguing history is left unsearched and buried!! We hail the explorations of the 14-16th centuries as monumental, and they were in regard to the formation of our nation, but world travel has been going on ever since Noah’s time! And just imagine what records Noah brought with him on the ark, but have been lost, at least for now!!! Noah’s generation was said to be wallowing in violence, that does not mean any less intelligence or ingenuity, jsut look at the level of increasing violence and lack of civility in our media today!
    No, I’m so sorry to say those who wish God away are depriving themselves and the world of a great deal of history. The Age of Reason in the 18-19th centuries should be reviewed and revised by original records, instead of people’s mere opinions.

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