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Facilities at Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace Museum to undergo restoration

Restoration work is planned for the storage facilities at Istanbul’s Topkapi Museum which houses over 80,000 artifacts.

Nearly 80,000 artifacts have been kept in 50 depots in various places at the Topkap? Palace Museum, including a number of separate buildings. Each kind of artifact, including tiles and Japanese and Chinese porcelain, treasures, palace embroidery, sultans’ dresses, kaftans, precious clothes and cars, all have separate depots in the palace, which built by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in 1478.

The weapons collection is stored where the palace’s kitchen workers once resided. The kitchen part of the palace, which is under restoration and scheduled to be finished in the spring of 2010, is made up of a mosque for cooks, a Turkish bath and staff living quarters. More than 10,000 pieces, including various weapons, knifes, helmets, shields and clothing are kept in the kitchen section.

The artifacts in the weapon’s depot, which does not have air conditioning or a fire-extinguishing system, will be moved to the Matbaa-? Amire Building and Matbaa Anatolia Vocational High School upon the completion of the restoration process. A selected weapon collection from the palace is scheduled to open in the first months of next year.

Another depot that houses 2,273 artifacts attracts attention due to its narrow space. Although the depot has air conditioning and a fire-extinguishing system, the artifacts are wrapped in canvases for protection and stacked together. They will also be moved to the Matbaa-? Amire building.

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