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Tomb discovered in China belongs to high-ranking general

A large Han Dynasty tomb found in the Chang’an district of Xi’an, China has been determined to have belonged to a high-ranking general: Zhang Anshi.

The main tomb is more than 60 meters long with a coffin chamber that covers an area of more than 35 meters in length, 24.5 meters in width and is 15 meters deep.

The main tomb is surrounded by six pits of different sizes, which are filled with mortuary objects such as pottery and wood figurines.

The pottery figurines, approximately 60 centimeters tall, were all naked, with some fragments of helmets, bronze arrowheads, and swords scattered around them. The organs on their faces were clear, with red lips and thick eyebrows.

“Although there are hundreds of pottery figurines, you could hardly find two identical faces,” said Shi Quanping, a local archeologist in Shaanxi.

The location of the tomb is consistent with the records of Zhang’s burial site, and giant stamps engraved “Zhang,” and “Military Nobel Stamp” were also unearthed, both of which helped proved his identify, said Zhang Zhongli, deputy chief of the Shaanxi archeologist institute.

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