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Inca war shield found in Peru

A metal artifact, believed to be a war shield, has been found in what may be an Inca citadel in northern Peru.

Biologist Leyda Gueiler said the metal artifact seems to be a war shield while the stone ornaments were carved into the shape of leaves.

“This well preserved artifact is strong evidence that the ancient cultures in Amazonas did develop metalsmithing,” said Gueiler.

As for the likely discovery of a citadel that dates back to Inca times, she said a team of archaeologists is to arrive in the area to examine the ruins which are still covered with vegetation.

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3 thoughts on “Inca war shield found in Peru

  1. i came accross a peruvian sword dating bck to late 1700’s early 1800’s with a pegan star ingraved in it. inside the star theirs some form of writing. i have been searching for hours and still no clues to what it says. my best guess is that it was used as a sacrificial sword for goats. yet the markings indicate otherwise. they seem to point out paople fighting paople in the jungles of peru, possibly the incas, and at the end of the fighting scene their are two people holding up some sort of grale or statue of importance. if any of this rings a bell please contact me at my E-mail.

  2. about this “sheild”. it seems almost like paper in the image above, very small and too clean to be older that a few hundred years. though that might be something to do with the lighting and camera angle, i believe it is a very unconvincing story. you say there is “strong evidance”? well what is this evidance you speek of? you may know but not everyone will simply trust your word. it seems rather intreguing. so explain it a little more.:)

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