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Ancient house decorated with wall paintings found in Cyprus

What is believed to be the oldest house yet found in Paphos, Cyprus, has been uncovered during excavations in the ancient city of Nea Paphos.

For Dr Claire Balandier, the head of the French archaeological team which uncovered the house, complete with wall paintings, last year’s find was one of her most exciting during 20 years of excavating in Cyprus.

She believes the house is probably the oldest known of in Paphos, along with the first phases of the houses of Theseus and Dionysos, which date to the beginning of the Hellenistic period (fourth century BC). But, she pointed out that the latter two are underneath much later Roman houses.

“The importance of our discovery is that the house is on Fabrika hill.

This hill, which is the highest point of Paphos, must have been important in the urbanism of Nea Paphos,” Balandier told the Sunday Mail in an interview.

Balandier said that little is known about the hill, situated north of the harbour area and close to the Tomb of the Kings, apart from its Hellenistic theatre on its southern slope, which was excavated for 15 years by an Australian expedition. Balandier added that Fabrika hill was initially a necropolis, around the time of the foundation of the city at the end of the fourth century BC.

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