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Forensic dogs tapped to find ancient remains

A team of dogs have been hired to search for ancient remains in an area set aside for a controversial wind-turbine project.

The U-550 – located using side-scan sonar – is currently listing to its side in deep water approximately 70 miles south of Nantucket. ??Sonar operator Garry Kozak told reporters he spotted the the 252-foot submarine after two days of meticulous searching.

The U-550 was cruising off the east coast of the United States back on April 16, 1944, when it torpedoed the gasoline tanker SS Pan Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania was headed to the UK with 140,000 barrels of gasoline, along with a protective convoy of three ships – the USS Joyce, USS Gandy and USS Peterson.

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Story: Alejandro Davila, IV Press Online | Photo: Institute for Canine Forensics

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