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Temple dedicated to Poseidon found in Bulgaria

Archaeologists working in Sozopol, Bulgaria, have uncovered a large, well-preserved altar dedicated to the Greek god Poseidon.

He said that the numerous pieces of marble found during excavations indicate that after the declaration of Christianity as the official religion of the Roman empire in 330 CE, the emperor’s order to destroy the temples of other religions was carried out, followed by the building of houses of worship dedicated to Christian saints, with iconography with features similar to that of the ancient gods.

Dimitrov said that in Sozopol, there was an example of how a temple to the Thracian horseman in the centre of the old town was converted into a church dedicated to Saint George.

He said, according to a report by local news agency Focus, that in the case of the temple to Poseidon – the god of the sea – the time of its destruction saw the building of a Christian church a very short distance away, dedicated to Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of fishermen and sailors.

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Story: Sofia Globe | Photo: Sofia Globe

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