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5,000lb-piece of CSS Georgia recovered


An 64-square-foot section of the ironclad CSS Georgia which was scuttled in 1864, has been recovered from the Savannah River in Georgia.

When a weather-and-tide window opened Tuesday evening, they were able to secure the 8-foot-long casement section and lift it by crane onto a barge anchored near historic Old Fort Jackson on the eastern edge of Savannah. Experts estimate the section’s weight at 5,000 pounds.

The Confederate navy scuttled the CSS Georgia in 1864 as Union troops approached Savannah. The iron-covered ship remained on the river bottom until 1969 when a dredge removing sediment from the shipping channel struck a portion of the ship, according to Julie Morgan, staff archeologist for the Corps’ Savannah District.

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Story: Mary Carr Mayle, Savannah Now | Photo: Jason Okane, USACE

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