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3D model of Richard III’s spine shows scoliosis


A 3D model of the spine of King Richard III has revealed the king suffered from prominent scoliosis.

The most recent findings of Richard’s remains, which were hastily buried without shroud or coffin, reveals that his spine shows strong evidence of scoliosis. Richard III was popularized in Shakespearean literature as a hunchback, and now everyone can explore the true shape of one of history’s most famous spinal columns, as University of Leicester scientists, employing the help of multimedia experts, have created a 3D model of Richard III’s spine.

The results of their work have been published on May 30 in The Lancet, offering a complete picture of the king’s scoliosis for the first time. The University of Cambridge, Loughborough University and the University Hospitals of Leicester in the UK were also part of this groundbreaking research.

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Story: Lawrence LeBlond, RedOrbit | Photo: University of Leicester

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