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Drinkable 200-year-old alcohol found in shipwreck


A 200-year-old bottle recovered from a Baltic Sea shipwreck contains alcohol…that’s still drinkable!

At the beginning of July, researchers submitted the bottle and its contents for testing to the J.S. Hamilton chemical laboratory in Gdynia, Poland, to see if the vessel contained original “Selters” water, or whether it had been refilled with a different liquid. The final results of the laboratory analysis are expected to be completed at the beginning of September, though their preliminary results suggest the bottle had been refilled with some kind of alcohol.

How does it taste? Apparently, the alcohol is drinkable, the archaeologists involved told the news site of Poland’s Ministry of Science and Science Education. “This means it would not cause poisoning. Apparently, however, it does not smell particularly good,” Bednarz said, according to the Ministry.

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Story: Agata Blaszczak-Boxe, LiveScience | Photo: National Maritime Museum, Gda?sk

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