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Nine new sections of Great Wall found in China

Archaeologists working in northwest China have discovered nine sections of the Great Wall.

The findings, made in March and April by Zhou and other researchers, give historians fresh insight into where the wall was built. “Finally, we’re able to see the whole picture of the Qin Great Wall,” said Zhou.

Among the ruins, six sections, constructed with stones or loess, stretch about 10 km between Nanchangtan Village of Ningxia and Jingyuan County of Gansu on the southern bank of the Yellow River. Because of flooding and natural degradation, the height of these sections of the Great Wall has been reduced to one to five meters.

The other three loess-made sections are located in Damiao region of Jingyuan County. They are 50 meters long in total and five meters high.

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Story: China Daily | Photo: China Daily

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