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Timbers from solar boat found on Giza Plateau

More timbers from Pharaoh Khufu’s second solar boat have been found on the Giza Plateau.

The beams were in poor condition and the team had carried out preliminary restoration work in situ before transporting them to the Grand Egyptian Museum where they would be comprehensively restored before being exhibited, Zidan said.

Khufu’s boats had two shrines, he said, one for the pharaoh located at the end of the boats and the other for the captain at the front. The team had confirmed that the timbers belonged to the boat captain’s shrine after comparing them with those from the first solar boat, now on display at Khufu’s Solar Boat Museum on the Giza Plateau, he said.

It had solicited the help of experts in boat construction in order to determine the purpose of every piece of the boat. The shrine was also documented and photographed with a 3D laser scanner, Zidan said.

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Story: Nevine El-Aref, Al-Ahram | Photo: Al-Ahram

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