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Byzantine-era Inn discovered in Turkey


A Byzantine-era inn complex has been found in the ancient city of Assos in Turkey.

“In these excavations, we unearthed the ruins of a complex that could be considered an inn complex. The existence of this complex is mentioned in ancient sources but it has never been unearthed. The inn, where people were accommodated and patients were treated, is located behind the western gate,” said Arslan, who has been head of the excavations for 10 years.

“The complex has its own bakery, kitchen and cisterns. All the needs of visitors were met there. At the same time, there is a chapel for people to pray. Ancient resources from the Byzantine era provide information about the inn but none of them defined this structure and its location,” he added.

“If we are not wrong, thanks to the artifacts we have found we will be able to shed light on this structure: how it was operated, how many sections it had, and how they served. For example, finding more than one marble table in a room would should us that people dined there. Finding a small chapel would show that people were able to worship in the inn. There is more than one cistern and water well, as well as kitchens.

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Story: Hurriyet Daily News | Photo: Anadolu Agency

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