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Underground temple found at Roman fortress

An underground fortress, dating back 1,700 years, has been found at a Roman fortress in Turkey.

The castle, which once served as military premises, is situated on a 55,200-square-meter area surrounded with walls stretching 12 to 15 meters high and 1,200 meters long, along with a 21-meter high watchtower and guard castle.

The vast space also includes a church building, administrative buildings, ruins of ancient homes, grain and weapon storage facilities, an underground temple, underground shelters, rock tombs and water channels.

Previously, an underground church and an underground shelter with a capacity to hold 400 people, houses and hidden passages were unearthed. Now, a temple belonging to the Mithras religion, which was lost after the adoption of Christianity in the fourth century, has also been unearthed.

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Story: The Daily Sabah | Photo: The Daily Sabah

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