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Roman gold coins found in the Netherlands

A hoard of gold Roman coins has been unearthed in an orchard in the Netherlands.

A hoard of coins dating from the final days of the Roman Empire has been found in an orchard in Gelderland.

Experts believe the fortune was buried by a Frankish military leader in the second half of the fifth century, when the area was part of the Western Roman Empire, which collapsed in 476AD.

Some of the 41 gold pieces unearthed in Lienden, near Veenendaal, bear the image of Majorian, one of the empire’s last rulers, who reigned for four years from 457. ‘On that basis we think this treasure was buried in around 460,’ said Nico Roymans, professor of archaeology at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

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Story: Dutch News| Photo: Valkhof Museum Nijmegen

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