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Roman-era necklace found in Bulgaria

A well-preserved gold necklace has been found in an ancient shop at Heraclea Sintica in Bulgaria.

A Hellenistic and later Roman city, Heraclea Sintica, about 180km south of today’s Bulgarian capital Sofia, was founded in the fourth century BCE and lasted about 800 years when it was destroyed by an earthquake. Earlier, the city was the site of a settlement by the Thracian tribe the Sintians.

The gold necklace was made in one of the elite ateliers in ancient Rome, according to a report by Bulgarian National Television. Researchers suggest that the necklace was lost in the panic when the violent earthquake destroyed the city.

The place of the August 2017 find was an unexpected one. Most finds of jewellery and gold are in necropolises, in the graves of wealthy people, not in the city.

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Story: Sofia Globe | Photo: Sofia Globe

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