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1,000-year-old sacrificial victims found in Peru

The remains of nine men ritually killed 1,000 years ago has been found in Peru.

The team of Japanese and Peruvian archaeologists found the remains of nine men who were sacrificed as part of a ritual. In a separate area, they discovered a tomb believed to have belonged to an elite member of the Sican culture, which pre-dated the Incas and lived on Peru’s north coast between 750 and 1375 AD. Both tombs were surrounded by ceramic vessels and ceremonial knives.

Archaeologist Go Matsumoto told Reuters: “They are bodies that were sacrificed. They’re men, all are men. They were about 25 or 30 years of age and I think they were sacrificed during the Middle Sican period so they are from the Lambayeque Culture, more or less a thousand years old.”

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Story: David Sim, IBT | Photo: Pierre Cobos/Reuters

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