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3D laser scans of medieval dungeons and tunnels

I thought this was really cool. Nottingham Caves Survey has scanned medieval tunnels and dungeons using a special 3D laser scanner as part of preservation efforts.

The pictures were created as part of the ongoing Nottingham Caves Survey, which began in March and intends to use the scans to help safeguard the man-made caves from “development, erosion, and ignorance,” survey leader David Walker said. “We can compare future scans with current scans to see whether change has taken place.”

For centuries, Nottingham residents have taken advantage of the stable yet pliable sandstone  beneath the city, carving everything from holding pens to World War II air raid shelters to beer cellars (some still in use).

Sited on a sandstone outcrop, Nottingham Castle was rebuilt as a duke’s mansion in the 1670s after the original structure had been destroyed during the English Civil War. The mansion’s medieval caves, however, survived the conflict, including the dungeon, where King David II of Scotland was reportedly held prisoner in 1346.

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