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4,000-year-old prisons in Anatolia

Excavations in Turkey have revealed that there were prisons in Anatolia dating as far back as 4,000 years.

peaking to the Anatolia news agency on Friday, Kulako?lu said their excavation work at Kültepe has revealed information about the lifestyles of peoples living there thousands of years ago, including new discoveries about the penal system that was in place 4,000 years ago. “In the inscriptions we found, for example, there are many terms used regarding going to prison, release from prison and facing punishment in prison. It is a significant indication that there were many prisons in Anatolia approximately 4,000 years ago.”

Kulako?lu also noted that since excavations began in 1948, nearly 23,500 items have been found in Kültepe. Material was written in the cuneiform script, which is believed to have been invented by Sumerians and was subsequently adapted for writing in the Akkadian language, of which Babylonian and Assyrian are dialects. The material that has been found is now on display at the Kayseri Archaeological Museum and Ankara’s Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

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