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93 Han Dynasty tomb unearthed in China

93 tombs dating back to the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. – 220 A.D.) have been found in China.

Funerary objects unearthed totalled over 260 pieces, including spade-shaped coins, bronze belt hooks, brass bells, tripods, clay workshops, jars, pots, cups and bowls, reports People’s Daily Online.

Tombs of the Warring States period were generally funnel-shaped and rarely belonged to earth-shaft graves.

The burial form of these tombs primarily fell under the unique burial customs of the Qin people with the skeletons of the dead maintaining the fetal position.

Objects buried with the dead were few with only a small number of clay tripods, jars, stemmed bowls and plates found in certain graves.

During the western Han period, there were two types of tombs: earth-shaft graves and brick-chambered graves.

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