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Ancient man had spines on their penises

If that’s not an attention-grabbing headline, I don’t know what is. Apparently ancient man used to have small spines on their penises, like those found on chips, cats and mice. [Thx Tron]

Penile spines are barb-like structures found in many mammals. Their role remains under debate, and they may play different roles in different species.

They may increase stimulation for the male during mating. They might also play a part in inducing female ovulation in a small number of species, but there is evidence that they can cause damage to the female too.

Then there is the suggestion that they might have evolved to remove “mating plugs” – material that some male species deposit in the female genital tract to block other males’ attempts to fertilise the same female.

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Story: Neil Bowdler, BBC News

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