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Colonial cemetery unearthed in South Carolina

37 sets of human remains, thought to belong to slaves, have been unearthed during a renovation project on an auditorium in Charleston, South Carolina.

Poplin studied land records and other historical documents to determine that the 37 people were likely associated with colonial owners of the property as slaves or indentured servants. They could also have been residents of Charles Towne who did not have access to a church cemetery. The report said all landowners of record for the property are buried in cemeteries elsewhere in Charleston.

According to the report, Isaac Mazyck received a grant to the land in 1696 and established a farm on the property. In 1720, the land was sold to Thomas Gadsen who then sold a portion to George Lord Anson in 1726.

In 1761, Anson sold the parcel to William Ellis who built a large house on the property. The report said it is unlikely the house would have been built so close to the graves if they were known. The report concludes that the graves were likely established between 1690 and the 1750s.

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Story: Lauren Ratcliffe, Charleston Regional Business Journal| Photo: ABCNews4

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