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Defleshed Neolithic remains found in Italian cave

The remains of 22 Neolithic people whose bones were defleshed have been found in Scaloria Cave in Italy.

“[Defleshing] is something which occurs in burial rites around the world but hasn’t been known for prehistoric Europe yet,” says John Robb, an archaeologist at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and leader of the research project. Robb and his team examined the scattered bones of at least 22 Neolithic humans—many children—who died between 7200 and 7500 years ago. Their remains were buried in Scaloria Cave, a stalactite-filled grotto in the Tavoliere region of southeastern Italy, where Robb says that they provide the “first well-documented case for early farmers in Europe of people trying to actively deflesh the dead.”

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Story: Garry Shaw, Science Magazine | Photo: UCLA

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