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Dutch shipwreck excavated near English coast

Archaeologists have returned to excavate the sunken remains of the 18th-century Dutch East India ship Rooswijk.

Finds brought ashore in Ramsgate include a shoe still showing the dint of the sailor’s heel on the instep, glass bottles and a fancy wine glass with an air twist stem, which must have come from the captain’s cabin, pewter jugs, an onion jar, tiles from the cooking stove still scorched by the last meal, three wooden chests, one human thigh bone – and some genuine old-fashioned treasure in the form of beautiful Mexican silver dollars, minted just a few years before the wreck, and older, cruder chopped-up pieces of eight.
Several cannon and two huge sea anchors still lie in the silt on the seabed.

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Story: Maev Kennedy, The Guardian | Photo: Cultural Heritage Agency of the/PA

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