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Franklin Expedition artifacts found in Nunavut


Two artifacts believed to have belonged to the doomed Franklin Expedition have been found on Hat Island in Nunavut, Canada.

“An iron fitting from a Royal Navy ship, identified as part of a boat-launching davit, and bearing two broad arrows was found on an island in the southern search area,” said the government of Nunavut in a news release.

“A wooden object, possibly a plug for a deck hawse, the iron pipe through which the ship’s chain cable would descend into the chain locker below, was also discovered.”

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Story: CBC New | Photo: Douglas Stenton, Government of Nunavut

One thought on “Franklin Expedition artifacts found in Nunavut

  1. ahhh one day too late. We were discussing Nunavut in lectures yesterday!

    Sir John Franklin and his entire crew left Britain to find the Northwest Passage aboard his two ships in 1845. In historical terms, 1845 is very very modern. So one wonders why Canada’s Archaeology Service only started searching for the Franklin ships in 2008 and why it took till now for some findings. What about the written records – was there anything useful there?

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