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Illegal excavation turns up 2,400-year-old tombstone

The tombstone of King Hekataios, dating back to 390 B.C., has been found in Bodrum, Turkey.

“Even with its damaged parts the tomb stone is one of the most important archeological discoveries of all times. It has a very rare and precious workmanship.”

“The tomb stone could be as precious as Great Alexander’s, which is exhibited at the Istanbul Archeology Museum,” said Özarslan, adding that the relic first had to be saved. “The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will deal with that issue,” he said.

“The tomb stone has a length of 2.75 meters and a width of 1.85 meters,” said Culture and Tourism Ministry Properties and Museums Managing Director Murat Süslü.

“The tomb stone is huge. However the most important thing about this discovery lies behind to whom it belongs,” he added.

The tomb stone belongs to Mausolos’s father and Mausolos’s tomb is already a wonder of the ancient world.

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