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Member of Shackleton’s crew snuck sips of whisky

Remember the story last week about the crate of hundred-year-old whiskey uncovered in the Antarctic ice at Ernest Shackleton’s base camp? Apparently one of his crew was sneaking sips!

The Mackinlay’s whisky crate was frozen solid but the minus 30 degrees Celsius (-22F) temperature was not enough to freeze the liquid.

The crate has been painstakingly thawed in controlled conditions over the past few weeks and was opened Friday to reveal only 11 bottles of Scotch, carefully wrapped in paper and straw for protection.

One bottle was missing and one of the surviving 11 was not as full as the other 10, leading museum officials to speculate that a member of Shackleton’s crew may have helped himself before carefully securing the crate again.

The bottles were lying on their side and had cork stoppers with an intricate and stamped lead seal.

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