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Mesoamerican sculpture found in southern Mexico

An ancient Mesoamerican sculpture of a figure with a raise arm and determined scowl has been unearthed in southern Mexico.

“Usually sculptures are first seen by archaeologists in private art collections and we normally have no good idea where they came from. The depictions of figures and the motifs change in form through time so you can get an approximate date by comparing styles,” he says. “But we were able to date the new monument by where it was found to a narrow 100-year window, which is very rare.”

The archaeological context and radiocarbon dating of ceramic sherds associated with the stone monument show that it dates to 1100 to 1000 B.C., making it approximately 3,000 years old. Its age and style correspond to the Early Formative period, when an early culture known as the Olmec dominated the area.

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Story: John G. Hodgson, University of Wisconsin-Madison | Photo: Wikipedia Commons

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