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Remains of historic steamship found off California coast

The remains of the USCGC McCulloch which sank in 1917 has been found off the coast of southern California.

A U.S. Coast Guard ship that first set out to sea during the Spanish-American War and sank off the coast of Southern California 100 years ago won’t be moved anytime soon, officials said Tuesday.

Strong currents and an abundance of sediment would make moving the delicate vessel too difficult, officials said in detailing the discovery of the San Francisco-based USCGC McCulloch. They also paid tribute to its crews, including two members who died in the line of duty.

Researchers focused on the area of the shipwreck 3 miles northwest of Point Conception, California, after noticing a flurry of fish. Sunken ships offer a great place for fish to hide.

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Story: Linda Wang, AP | Photo: NOAA/USCG/Video Ray / Associated Press

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