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Russian textbooks rewrite history

A new Russian history school textbook, approved by the Putin government, glosses over a lot of truths.

The Soviet Union smashed Nazi Germany during the Second World War — the greatest achievement of its people. But that war started in 1939, not 1941, when Hitler’s forces invaded the Soviet Union. In August 1939, Hitler’s Foreign Minister, Ribbentrop, met Stalin in Moscow and signed the Nazi-Soviet Pact — “the midnight of the century”. For almost two years, the British attempt to blockade the Nazis in the Atlantic was overcome by Soviet trains shipping raw materials to Germany. In the first four months of 1941 alone, Stalin sent Hitler a quarter of a million tons of petrol and three quarters of a million tons of grain.

And how does the “positive history” textbook handle the Soviet appeasement of Nazi Germany? It doesn’t. Filippov says: “Stalin didn’t help Hitler. He traded and both countries benefited from this trade.”

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