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Sam’s Club mound not American Indian?

Remember the hubub last year regarding a large 1,000-year-old mound that was going to be be bull-dozed to help construct a Sam’s Club? The archaeologist to signed the archaeological report is now backtracking and claims the mound was made by natural causes.

The Anniston Star reports that Robert Clouse told the Oxford city council Tuesday that erosion and other natural forces likely created the mound. Clouse heads the Office of Archaeological Research at the University of Alabama and the University of Alabama Museums.

Clouse was answering questions about the mound behind the Oxford Exchange and the apparent removal of another mound at the historic Davis Farm site.

Clouse last year signed a report on the potential archaeological significance of the mound. Protests erupted last year when the city tried to remove the hill under the mound to use as fill dirt to build a Sam’s Club store nearby.

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3 thoughts on “Sam’s Club mound not American Indian?

  1. Well, I haven’t seen any evidence one way or the other about it, except for some long-distance photos. But since Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart, it wouldn’t surprise me if they paid off the archeologist to change his story. In my opinion, give WalMart 100 years and the planet would look like the Earth in the movie Wall-E.

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