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17-century stolen treasures being recovered from Polish river

Low water levels in Poland's Vistula River are allowing archaeologists to recover a variety of treasures that were stolen from royals in the mid-17th century by Swedish invaders. The valuable artistic objects -- marble floor tiles, parts of archways and columns -- were robbed from Warsaw by the Swedes who overran

Welsh builders uncover 17th century bridge remains

Contractors working on flood defences in Wales have come across the 17th century footings of the town of Llanrwst's historic bridge. “As soon as we realised what we had uncovered we called in the Environment Agency’s archaeologist Ed Wilson who confirmed the significance of the find,” said Gareth. “It was the actual

Shipwreck artifacts go on display

Artifacts from a 17th Century shipwreck found off the Dorset coast, England, have gone on display. Artefacts raised from the seabed and on display include two leather shoes, musket balls, kitchen utensils and an apothecary jar. The most unusual find is a rare wooden carving of a merman, which Ms Palma believes