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3D model made of Battle of Culloden Skull

A skull from a soldier killed at the Battle of Culloden in 1745 has been recreated as a 3D model. This skull is the only know human remains from the Battle of Culloden. It is held in the collections of the Surgeon’s Hall Museum who very kindly allowed us to model

3D model of Richard III’s spine shows scoliosis

A 3D model of the spine of King Richard III has revealed the king suffered from prominent scoliosis. The most recent findings of Richard’s remains, which were hastily buried without shroud or coffin, reveals that his spine shows strong evidence of scoliosis. Richard III was popularized in Shakespearean literature as a

3D Rome built in a day using 150,000 Flickr photos

Hundreds of thousand of photos uploaded to Flickr have been used to create 3D models of the major historical sites in Rome as well as other European cities. The team used a specially-devised algorithm to detect and arrange photos showing various angles of the same building. The same algorithm then analysed