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3D scanned mummy reveal lack of organs

A 3D scan of a 2,500-year-old Egyptian mummy shows that the was of high status because his organs were removed and replaced with rolls of linen. The images indicate that embalmers removed the man's brain and major organs and replaced them with rolls of linen, a superior embalming method used only

3D laser scans of medieval dungeons and tunnels

I thought this was really cool. Nottingham Caves Survey has scanned medieval tunnels and dungeons using a special 3D laser scanner as part of preservation efforts. The pictures were created as part of the ongoing Nottingham Caves Survey, which began in March and intends to use the scans to help

310-million-year-old cockroach digitally scanned

Scientists have scanned the fossil remains of a 310-million-year-old cockroach, revealing some intimate details about the insect. The fossil is imbedded in hard lumps of iron carbonate. 'The only thing we knew about it was what the creature looked like from above,' Garwood says. Garwood is no stranger to this