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Colour photos from inside Hitler’s home

A collection of colour photographs taken by Adolf Hitler's personal photogratpher have been released for the very first time. [Thx Kese!] The Mirror reports that photographer Hugo Jaeger was one of the few photographers working with color photography at the time and was granted access to Hitler's living and study quarters,

Hitler’s Wolf Lair to be turned into tourist attraction

Hitler's secret Wolf Lair, hidden in a forest in Poland, is set to be turned into a new tourist attraction. The spot is open to the public, but does not attract many visitors because it is tucked so far into the forest and accessible only by treacherous dirt roads. Staff said they

Hiter’s last bodyguard stops responding to fan mail

I know what you're thinking - Adolf Hitler's last surviving bodyguard gets fan mail? Rochus Misch is 93 and uses a walking frame to move around his apartment. He told the Berliner Kurier tabloid that, with most of the letters he receives asking for autographs, it was "no longer possible" to

Unseen Adolf Hitler photos sell for $47,000

A collection of 600-800 photographs taken by Hitler's personal photographer has been sold at auction for close to $50,000. Hoffmann was chosen by Hitler as his official photographer, with his images published as postage stamps, postcards, posters and picture books. A large archive of Hoffmann's photographs was seized by the United States

Photos from a Nazi Christmas party

Life has posted an interesting series of photographs taken at a Nazi christmas party in 1941. Swastikas and Tannenbaum The image is chilling, bordering on surreal: On December 18, 1941, as World War II rages and countless innocents endure the horrors of the Third Reich's "final solution" -- killing operations at the

Previously unseen official photographs of Hitler up for sale

Hundreds of never-before-seen official photographs of Adolf Hitler, taken by his personal photographer, are set to hit the auction block. ''We've got somewhere around 800 negatives and maybe 600 stills, some from these negatives and other stills that don't have a negative that they were developed from,'' he said. ''They

Famous photo of Hitler at 1914 rally a fake

The famous photograph showing a young Adolf Hitler at a rally in 1914 was probably faked. Düsseldorf historian Gerd Krumeich has studied the picture and its history and concluded that Hitler was superimposed to lend credibility to the image of the Nazi leader as a patriot and a man of

Hitler watercolours sell at auction

A collection of 16 watercolours painted by Adolf Hitler have been found for $164,800 at an auction in England. 'There is a great interest in World War II in these countries and a lot of people with a lot of money to invest,' he said. 'They look at these items