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19th century anchor pulled from Alabama river

An oil boom working on the Perdido River in Alabama has snagged a 19th century anchor. Maritime archaeologists, he said, determined it was a 19th century folding stock anchor that probably predated the Civil War. Because of its size, Wilson said it was probably on a smaller ship, like a

Sam’s Club mound not American Indian?

Remember the hubub last year regarding a large 1,000-year-old mound that was going to be be bull-dozed to help construct a Sam's Club? The archaeologist to signed the archaeological report is now backtracking and claims the mound was made by natural causes. The Anniston Star reports that Robert Clouse told the

Ancient Native American site mysteriously destroyed

An ancient American Indian site in Oxford, Alabama has been destroyed, and no one knows by whom. A Jacksonville State University professor says an ancient American Indian site Oxford city officials agreed not to disturb has been destroyed, but he does not know by whom. City officials say they have done nothing

Tropical storm Ida reveals shipwreck off Alabama coast

The wreckage of the Rachel, a lumber schooner which ran aground in the 1920s or 30s, has been uncovered by tropical storm Ida. When Tropical Storm Ida struck Nov. 10, the charred wooden hull reappeared on the beach six miles east of Fort Morgan. The wreck is most likely to be the