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Injured war veterans help with archaeological digs

Operation Nightingale is an army project in Wales which takes injured war veterans and rehabilitates them through work on archaeological digs. Soldiers, some of whom have suffered double amputations, gunshot wounds, explosions while in vehicles and burns, worked on the site digging trenches and revealing the walls of a Roman building. The

How ground-penetrating radar has transformed archaeology

Jarrod Burks explains how radar technology has changed the way archaeologists dig in the dirt. "Instead of throwing a dart into the middle of 40 acres, this accurately says 'Here's a bulls-eye,' " said Rick Perkins, chief ranger at the Hopewell Cultural National Park. Outside his office at Ohio Valley Archeology on

Real Archaeologist vs. Indiana Jones

Cracked has posted a humourous comparison showcasing the glaring differences between a real archaeologist and Indiana Jones. In the most depressing public statement since Magic Johnson's 1991 press conference, Shia LaBeouf recently said Steven Spielberg "cracked" the story for Indiana Jones 5. The only people less excited than movie fans: real

World’s oldest submerged town to be acoustically scanned

The world's oldest submerged town, Pavlopetri in Greece, is undergoing an indepth survey by underwater archaeologists armed with the latest technology. Dr Henderson and his team will carry out a detailed millimeter accurate digital underwater survey of the site using an acoustic scanner developed by a major North American offshore engineering

Tourism threatens Iraq’s antiquities

As Iraq prepares for increased tourism, archaeologists are concerned that the restorations of many ancient sites is actually doing more damage than good. "In Saddam's time we dealt with officials who had a primary school education. They didn't even know who Nebuchadnezzar or Hammurabi was," he said. "Now in some of

Iraqi archaeologists studying in Chicago

During the reign of Saddam Hussein, and with the war still in progress, archaeology in Iraq has been at a standstill. The Field Museum in Chicago hopes to bring Iraqi archaeologists up to speed with all the technological developments of the last 15 years. "Their job now is to learn new