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Ancient mass graves found near Athens

Two mass graves containing the remains of more than 80 men have been found at a construction site near Athens, Greece. Two small vases discovered amongst the skeletons have allowed archaeologists to date the graves from between 675 and 650 BC, “a period of great political turmoil in the region”, the

Marble headstone unearthed in Athens

A marble headstone dating back to 400 B.C. has been found in the Kerameikos area of Athens. According to the official announcement, the shape and style of the sculpted marble of the headstone date from the third quarter of the 4th century B.C.. It is possible that the sculpture was initially

Parthenon in danger of crumbling

After a boulder of "considerable size" fell off of the Acropolis in Athens, researchers have found that there is instability over a wide area of the flat-topped rock on which the Parthenon sites. Work to shore up the southern slope of the hill on which the 2,500-year-old temple complex sits will

Stolen Ancient Greek statue found in goat pen

An illegally excavated statue which dates back to the sixth century B.C. has been found by police hidden in a goat pen near Athens. Greek police recovered an ancient statue that was illegally excavated and hidden in a goat pen near Athens, and arrested the goat herder and another man who