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Teens arrested for pocketing Auschwitz artifacts

Two British teenagers on a school trip to Auschwitz have been arrested for pocketing artifacts from the Nazi death camp. Guards said they had noticed the two 17-year-olds acting suspiciously on Monday near a building where Nazi guards had kept prisoners' confiscated belongings. When they were searched it was found they

Associated Press exposes Nazi guard

An 87-year-old man from Philadelphia has been accused of serving as an SS guard at Auschwitz. While the man admits he was a guard, he insists he was not stationed at any part of the camp where captives were killed. The Associated Press, however, has uncovered documents that say otherwise. The

Archaeologists hope to identify remains of Auschwitz hero

Archaeologists in Poland are excavating a mass grave, containing the remains of hundreds of Polish resistance fighters, in hopes of identifying the remains of Witold Pilecki, who infiltrated Auschwitz to witness the terrible things that were going on in the infamous Nazi death camp. It could hardly have been a riskier

Auschwitz sign restored

Workers have restored the infamous Auschwitz sign which was stolen and damaged during the theft 17 months ago. Thieves had cut up the black wrought-iron sign into its three constituent words in order to fit it into their getaway car after taking it down from the main gate. Following a nationwide search,

The race to preserve Auschwitz

Auschwitz's barracks are falling into ruin, prompting a renewed effort to preserve them. The red brick barracks that housed starving inmates are sinking into ruin. Time has warped victims' leather shoes into strange shapes. Human hair sheared to make cloth is slowly turning to dust. Auschwitz is crumbling - the world's most

Nazi documents found in attic near Auschwitz

300 documents relating to the daily lives of Nazi officials at Auschwitz have been found in the attic of a house near the death camp. Some sugar coupons bear the names of Horst Fischer and Fritz Klein, doctors who were executed for their crimes after the war, Adam Cyra, a

Stolen Auschwitz gate sign recovered

The infamous "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign which was stolen from the gate to Auschwitz earlier this week has been recovered. Polish police found the infamous "Arbeit Macht Frei" sign that was stolen from the gate of the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz after an intensive three-day hunt and arrested five

Auschwitz death camp sign stolen

The infamous Arbeit Macht Frei which was posted at the entrance to the Auschwitz Nazi death camp has been stolen. The wrought iron sign, whose words mean "Work Sets You Free", was unscrewed and pulled down from its position above the gate in the early hours of Friday. Polish authorities denounced the