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Pope all but authenticates the Turin Shroud

Pope Benedict XVI visited the Turin Shroud yesterday, and said the artifact was "written with the blood" of a crucified man. During a visit to the Shroud in the northern Italian city of Turin, Benedict didn't raise the scientific questions that surround the linen and whether it might be a

Authenticating Thomas Jefferson’s belongings

NBC29 has posted an interesting article and video on how curators who authenticate Thomas Jefferson's personal belongings. "People contact us all the time with stories and with objects that they think came from Monticello," said Stein. Each year, the curators investigate about 50 artifacts. Stein said roughly 1 in every

Robert Capa photo a fake?

A Spanish newspaper is claiming that the famous Robert Capa photograph of a soldier being killed during the Spanish Civil War was set up. The latest claims however indicate that the pictures were taken 30miles (50km) away from any fighting, and seem to be worthy of further examination. The Spanish newspaper

Vinland map of America is not a forgery

A Danish expert claims that the 15th century Vinland Map, the first known map to show part of America before Christopher Columbus arrived, is almost certainly genuine. Controversy has swirled around the map since it came to light in the 1950s, many scholars suspecting it was a hoax meant to prove

The oldest artwork in the Western Hemisphere

The editor of National Geographic magazine has posted a blog entry discussing the cautious excitement surrounding the mammoth etching announce last month, which, if genuine, could be the oldest artwork in the Western Hemisphere. Let's hope, hope, hope it is true—mammoth art in North America just like what they have in

Scholars gather to debate origin of ancient Chinese text

Scholars are gathering at Stanford to debate the authenticity of an ancient Chinese text: the Bamboo Annals. "Workshop on the Riddle of an Ancient Chinese Book Zhushu Jinian (the Bamboo Annals): Texts and Chronologies Therein," will bring together experts to carry on a debate that has raged since the late 1700s: