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Viking axe actually 18th century woodworking tool

Remember that Viking axe I posted about last week? Turns out it was just an 18th century woodworking tool. Archaeologist Kurt Adams, from Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, said he went to see the find at Stroud Museum on Thursday. He said: "It's definitely an 18th or 19th Century woodworking tool -

Battle-worn Viking axe head found in England

A Viking axe head found in Gloucestershire may be evidence of a bloody battle fought 1,100 years ago. According to historians King Alfred the Great fought the Vikings in a bloody battle at Minchinhampton, about 10 miles from Slimbridge, in 894 AD. Three Viking princes were killed in the battle, and fighting

Nine-year-old find 6,000-year-old axe head

A nine-year-old in Essex has saved a precious 6,000-year-old axe head from being thrown away. An alert nine-year-old stopped his granddad throwing away a 6,000-year-old flint axe head which he had mistaken for a regular stone. Tony Page didn't realise the significance of the find as he walked with grandson and Cub

35,000-year-old axe head found in Australia

The oldest ground-edge tool in the world has been discovered in Australia, dating back 35,000 years. Unearthed from a sandstone cave in a remote part of south-west Arnhem Land in May, the basalt axe piece measuring 4 centimetres in length has been radio-carbon dated at 35,000 years old. The discovery

Bronze Age hoard found in Essex field

A hoard of axe heads, spear tips and other objects which date back to the Bronze Age have been found in a field in Essex. The items include an intact pottery container with heavy contents which has been removed undisturbed.The materials are now at a local museum where archaeologists hope